A Place of Peace

Windermere Ranch is a place of peace located on 142 acres of land in the beautiful Santa Ynez mountains overlooking Santa Barbara, California. As a physical focus for the study and experience of peace, Windermere provides an environment in which you can find relaxation, sanctuary and serenity. It is a place to sit quietly, meditate, and rejuvenate or take nurturing walks on paths that overlook magnificent vistas.

The value of coming to peace within and then reaching out to be in accord with another person or living being is part of the philosophical foundation of the Institute for Individual and World Peace. The rocks, the land; its springs, ponds, and vegetation, the animals and wildlife can all be used as channels to tap into the part of you that is calm, loving and peaceful.

Horses and Peace

Horses first came to Windermere and the Institute through the donations of our supporters. We quickly learned that this was no coincidence; that horses have a remarkable sense of peace. In fact they seem to radiate the essence of peace.

Over the years, staff, volunteers and visitors who have interacted and worked with the horses have come to experience a gift of healing and peace. These horses have also become our teachers. What has the lesson been? By moving to a place of mutual cooperation, two or more beings can become at peace with themselves and each other. We call this process "one accord." It was easy to see how this focus of mutual cooperation and one accord is vital in today's world. The horses are both a beautiful mirror and an example of willingness to get along with others.

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Windermere Ranch

Located on 142 acres of land in the beautiful Santa Ynez mountains overlooking Santa Barbara, California

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