I Give You My Peace
John Morton presented the following seminar at the Gathering of Peacemakers event on June 30, 2005 in Universal City, California. At the opening of the evening, those present watched a video excerpt of a sharing from John-Roger. Here is J-R's excerpt, followed by John's Seminar. We invite you to enter into the loving and peace that flows on these words . . .
by Carol Beau

Are You A Peacemaker?
John Morton presented the following seminar at the Gathering of Peacemakers event on July 1, 2004 in Universal City, California. Before the seminar began, John gave a invocation for the July 1st to August 1st 32-Day Worldwide Peace Prayer. During the blessing those present were asked to visualize particles of peace from the source of peace coming in and going out on their breath, and to hear the words, "God Bless You, I Love You, Peace, Be Still," spoken so that they could be heard all at once across the planet.
by Carol Beau

Turning the Tide Toward Peace
One of the things that we do as a group is to bring the consciousness of peace. First, we bring peace in ourselves. We make an effort to find the peace that's present inside, regardless of where we are and what the circumstances are. We can always be aware of that peace and do our best to express the peace that's present-to see it in any situation, to see it in others, to look for ways to allow peace to have dominion, to let peace reign in what we're doing and experiencing together.
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue April 08, 2004

Attuning to the Peace Within
My view on peace is that it is an energy that is in harmony with all things and always present in any circumstance.
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue July 23, 2003

Thoughts On Peace and a Call to Action
I and so many others want to find a non-violent way when possible, and only use necessary force in order to stop what must be stopped, if we are to preserve and pass on a world with its balance established in peace. I simply must find a way to vote for peace and tranquility.
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue May 21, 2003

A Greater Dedication to Peace
John Morton concluded his talk at the Conference 2002 Institute for Individual & World Peace Donors Thank You Seminar with the following prayer.
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue July 31, 2002

Peace - Part 1 of An Interview with John Morton
Peace is something that's always present, even when we're not aware of it. Even when things appear to us that are contradictory, peace is the quality that is the calm. It's the calm not just before the storm, but during the storm and after the storm. It's the quality that somehow things are right even when we don't realize it or we don't understand what's going on. It's not just the calm part or eye of the hurricane, but it's also when things are extremely dynamic, powerful, and changing. There's a peace in that as well.
By: Laren Bright with John Morton Issue: No Issue February 27, 2002

Peace - Part 2 of An Interview with John Morton
By: Laren Bright with John Morton Issue: No Issue March 21, 2002

"Regardless of Race, Creed, Color, Situation, Circumstance or Environment"
Adventures in Ministering: Pakistan & Afghanistan 2002
The year 2001 brought the events of September 11th, and with those events came upheaval and intensified challenges for many areas of our planet. On Christmas Eve 2001, a night the angels touch the earth, John Morton shared with us that he had received a message, 'an inner calling to go to Pakistan.'
By: Terilee Wunderman

A Message from John Morton and John Roger in New York City
We encourage you to envision white, crystalline Light columns where the towers have stood and even seeing the rubble as gems of radiant Light, perhaps a bit in the rough, but in the process of being refined to a most beautiful setting--a place where the world will come to connect to the solemn peace and glory that stands in our oneness with God. And, wherever your are and wherever you go, you can place columns of Light, blessing whatever is there and whoever comes present.
By: John-Roger & John Morton Issue: No Issue October 12, 2001

John Morton's Prayers at MSIA Prayer Service om National Day of Prayer and Remembrance
I'd like to encourage us to take a moment, and I will, in my own way, give you my view on what I'm asking from God, and a lot of it is making myself available. I think at this time, each one of us, if we're in any way sensitive to who we are, feel compelled to do something. Yesterday, when I heard of today being a National Day of Prayer, I wanted to respond. I wanted to do something. I wanted us to provide a place, and I consider this an open place for all.
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue September 20, 2001

A Call to Peace
Responses to Littleton school brutality should emphasize love, understanding and peace. We can separate ourselves from judgment.
By: John Morton Issue: Summer 1999 July 01, 1999

Issues of Peace
I have something to say about issues, process, and peace. At birth, everyone is issued a set of circumstances to work with. It goes with the territory of being human. Then there's a kind of "taking issue" with the circumstances that often has to do with a form of vengeance. We want to take control of a situation because, in our perception, it's out of control. So in order to "take issue," we have to have a reference point that says, "This is not what it should be." ...
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue


Listen to John Morton's "I Give You My Peace" from the IIWP 30 June 2005 Gathering of Peacemakers Seminar

Listen to John Morton's "A Peace Prayer for Eternity" from the IIWP 2004 Gathering of Peacemakers Seminar

Video Moments of Peace

A Moment of Peace at Ground Zero
Watch A Moment of Peace from New York with John-Roger and John Morton. Produced on the road in New York by Jsu Garcia. Music by Eric Lumiere and Jeffrey Morgan. Dedicated to the memory of Ziv Shavit.
By: John-Roger & John Morton Issue: No Issue November 02, 2001

A Moment of Peace and Acceptance from Santiago, Chile
Watch a Moment of Peace from Santiago, Chile with John Morton.
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue November, 1995

A Moment of Peace from the Land of Father Abraham
Watch a Moment of Peace from Israel with John Morton.
By: John Morton Issue: No Issue

Webcast Classes and Seminars

Finding Peace in Today's World Webcast Class with John Morton
Tuesday, October 25 2005
In this webcast participants are introduced to and utilize the four key principles to the process toward peace. During the class participants explore each of these principles in their daily lives and learn how to apply them in simple but powerful ways.

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