September 21st of each year is the International Day of Peace, designated by the UN in 1982 to support individuals, communities, and organizations in promoting peace.

In 2009, IIWP invited communities around the world to hold an intention toward peace through creating a local peace project, either on Sept 21st or sometime during the weekend of Sept. 19 - 20th. We suggested events as simple as a group coming together to chant the IIWP Worldwide Peace Prayer, to more involved gatherings as a IIWP Finding Peace in Today's World workshop or Peacemaker Meeting . We also gave out ideas on potential peace products to share with others.

To celebrate this focus on peace, IIWP peacemakers gathered for A Day of Peace at Windermere Ranch on Sunday, September 20th, 2009. And 11 other communities around the world held their own activities on peace. Communities in five countries participated - Aruba, Australia, France, Spain, and the United States. In the U.S. eight states were represented: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan, Minneapolis, Missouri, New Jersey, and Texas.

For a report on community events, check out IIWP's Facebook group, and please feel free to join our Facebook group and post your experiences as a peacemaker.

We are once again inviting communities to join us in celebrating the 2010 International Day of Peace. For ideas on potential peace projects, click here. If you'd like to join in and organize a local peace event with IIWP, feel free to contact IIWP at or 323-328-1905.