IIWP One Accord Workshop Plants the Seed of Peace for Cali Columbia

For decades the Colombian people have been in the difficult situation of having guerrilla and drug factions fighting for influence and control in the country.

On November 7-9, 1997 in Cali, where it was difficult to even walk outside without worry of being shot or abducted, a group of 175 people came together for three days for a "One Accord" peace workshop. Their focus was to make a difference, to create a seed that would be a focal point for peace, starting with them.

Angel Gibson, one of the IIWP Workshop facilitators said, "It was inspiring to acknowledge these people for simply showing up and taking on peace as their cause when they could so easily have just stayed home out looking at the situation as insurmountable."

The mix of people was diverse, but all were focused on peace. One of the highlights was a testimony by a former guerilla that transformed himself from machine-gun and grenade wielding warrior to a warrior for Peace and for Spirit.

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