Contributing to Peace

Since 1988 Windermere Ranch, in Santa Barbara, California, has been home to a rather remarkable group of animals, The Windermere Horses. Over the years, staff, volunteers, and visitors who have interacted and worked with these horses have come to love them. They have had experiences in which the horses seemed to be the teachers, and the humans were the ones being taught. If horses are teaching us, what is it that we are learning from them?

Those who have had these experiences found themselves moving into a place of mutual cooperation, where they were at peace within themselves and with the horses. We recognize this as a place of one accord. When they are able to do this, our riders find that the goals they have set for themselves and for the horses are more gracefully achieved. It is easy to see how this focus of mutual cooperation and accord is vital in today's world. To learn more about a special way to hold a focus of peace inside yourself, we invite you to read on.

Everyone is invited to visit Windermere. However, whether you visit Windermere or not, there is a way for everyone to be more involved and to experience the benefits of participating actively with the horses. Those who work closely with the horses have identified specific essential "qualities" which exemplify each horse's expression. They came up with the concept of enhancing those qualities in ourselves by "adopting" a particular horse and quality, providing an ongoing focus on that quality throughout the year.

How Does Adopt-A-Horse Work?

The first step is to choose a horse that has a quality that you would like to express more of in your life. Look over the list of Windermere horses and the qualities they represent. When you have selected your quality and horse, choose an adoption level that works best for you. There are four levels of adoption:

  • Level One: $10/month
  • Level Two: $30/month
  • Level Three: $50/month
  • Level Four: $100/month or more

For a list of Windermere Horses and their qualities of peace click on

Windermere Horses

How does my contribution to the Adopt-A-Horse program benefit Peace?

The Institute for Individual and World Peace is based on the precept that we as individuals create greater peace in the world as we create greater peace within ourselves. Peace begins with the individual. As we focus on the qualities of peace within ourselves, we naturally expand into expressing more of these qualities in our lives. This has a very real effect on our families; our families affect our communities; our communities affect our nations; and our nations affect the greater peace on our planet. How many individuals choosing to express greater peace in their everyday lives are needed to create peace on earth? The answer is unknown, but we do know that the more we as individuals make that choice, the closer we are to a peace-filled planet.

If you do choose Adopt-A-Horse as a way to express greater peace in your everyday life, there are some additional benefits of contributing to this Program:

  • You'll receive E-mail updates with messages from the herd, pictures of the horses and news from Windermere.
  • You are automatically invited to the annual IIWP Gathering of Peacemakers Seminar, held during July each year in Los Angeles.
  • And last but not least, you will be contributing to the care, feeding and training of the Windermere horses, an integral part of the Place of Peace that we are creating at Windermere.

All of these benefits will be yours, regardless of the level of giving that you choose. How much of your financial resources, your attention and your focus do you want to commit toward greater peace?

Choose an adoption level and make your donation on-line through a secure server by clicking on

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