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Each day people demonstrate that peace is present and available in our world. These articles share their stories and may inspire you with ideas and enthusiasm for bring greater peace into your life.

"Regardless of Race, Creed, Color, Situation, Circumstance or Environment"
Adventures in Ministering: Pakistan & Afghanistan 2002

"The year 2001 brought the events of September 11th, and with those events came upheaval and intensified challenges for many areas of our planet. On Christmas Eve 2001, a night the angels touched the earth, John Morton shared with us that he had received a message, 'an inner calling to go to Pakistan.' ..."
By: Terilee Wunderman

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In the Eye of the Hurricane

"In January of this year, I was asked by some local community leaders to facilitate a "town meeting" here in Ojai, California..."
By: David Bransky

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And the Truth Will Set You All Free

"A teacher and a few key parents stared the rumor mill going and the main villain in the story was me."
By: Lou Tenaglia

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Bring Peace to the Middle East

"We never anticipated our work would reach so profoundly into the Middle East and that we would have the opportunity to bring healing to the peoples of that region."
by Stu Semigran

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Peace in Action

This section is dedicated to the efforts of the peacemakers in the world that are demonstrating the processes that lead to peace.